Education for All


The Diocese started with quite a number of sponsored primary schools. However, secondary schools were very few at the early stages of the Diocese of Eldoret. Bishop Muge had a passion for the well being of the communities leaving within the boundaries of the diocese and longed for the day when they would be empowered educationally, socially and economically. The dream came to pass when the first Diocesan Education Secretary was engaged by the diocese to look for ways and means of uplifting the educational performance of all sponsored schools in the Diocese, one of the strategies was to have a joint exam for all schools. Today, the department operates under the jurisdiction of the following: Primary School, Secondary School and Tertiary Institutions

• Primary Schools 52

• Secondary Schools 21

Reuben Koech is the Diocesan Education Secretary and works under The Diocesan Board of Education which is responsible for matters of training, equipping and capacity building of church personnel for effective ministry in the church. The board also manages the church sponsored schools on behalf of the diocese. The Diocesan Board of Education has four committees which work under the board namely: -

• Theological Education by Extension (T.E.E)

• Theological and Liturgical Committee

• Theological Training Committee

• Formal and Informal Education Committee

The educational core objectives is to enhance unity, strengthen moral values and good governance in our schools in addition, other operational objectives is to enhance right knowledge and skills which are important to the learners and that all stakeholders are encouraged to work together in harmony so as to ensure smooth running of our schools. The parish priests and the parishioners too are encouraged to fully take charge and ownership of these institutions in a more rational and objective manner that will compel other stakeholders to appreciate their role as the sponsor.

Annual Events

• Conventional ACK exams for both Primary and Secondary

• Diocesan Education days

• Principals day, done during first term (this is a day for the principals and the Bishop t have a fellowship

• Chaplains Diocesan Fellowship

• Archdeaconry Education Fellowships

• Parish Education Fellowships

• Schools Education Fellowships


• Establishment of Anglican Principal's Association both in the Diocese and the Province, including Bishop and Principal's Annual fellowship

• Effective Administration and Coordination by the efforts of the Parish Priest and Christians

• Participation of our chaplains to National Association of Christian Chaplains

• Smooth establishment of new Board of Management in both Primary and Secondary Schools

• Effective and efficient way of conflict management, through the efforts of stakeholders


• The realization of the Anglican University College remains the greatest challenge

• The commission for High Education guidelines to remove collaborations is also a major challenge to our C.I.T.C and St. Paul’s Colleges

• Lack of effective coordination in some parishes

• Both monetary and non-monetary resources are required