A Mission to win Souls

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When the Diocese of Eldoret was created from the Diocese Nakuru, it had 18 parishes, twenty three clergy, two vehicles and the bishop’s residential house doubling up as the diocesan office.  The humble beginning of the 1st Bishop of this Diocese, the late Rt. Rev. Alexander K. Muge actively participated in mission work and evangelism involving the young and old, men and women.
As the current Bishop of the Diocese of Eldoret, I have taken the mantle as the 4th Bishop with the understanding of the big tasks the office of Bishop carries in leading the flock to greener pasture and expanding the Kingdom of God in both mission and development.  I envision to carry on the dream of our father in God the Late Bishop Muge in preaching, evangelizing, development of the Diocese and mission work as God has called me to do His will in the Diocese of Eldoret.  Since I assumed office from my predecessors, we have witnessed God doing marvelous deeds in the expansion of our parishes, archdeaconries and chaplaincy in schools that are sponsored by this diocese.  Before the division of this diocese last year, we had grown to eight archdeaconries, eighty one parishes and twenty chaplaincy with five missionary areas (that is Kamasai, Chebiemit, Tambach, Soin and Mosop). After the Sub-division of the Diocese, the Diocese of Kapsabet remained with 4 Archseaconries, 36 Parishes and one Missionary Area. While Diocese of Eldoret remained with 4 Archdeaconries, 45 Parishes, 20 Chaplaincy and 4 Missionary Areas.

Am also happy to report that we have a partnership in mission link with our sister Diocese of Perth in Australia since 2013, which is at the heart of relationships within the Anglican Communion and the wider church.  Also we are still in talks with other partners and friends of the Diocese of Eldoret like Kenyans in the Diaspora, friends in Arizona U.S.A, the United Kingdom etc.  The diocese envisions on preaching a holistic gospel, incorporating evangelism with development and educational activities intended to increase the community’s capacity to plan and implement development projects.

Way Forward

My dream is to see that all properties of the diocese are developed and made to generate income for the betterment of the Anglican Community in this diocese. In this regard, am going out of my way, to seek the support of partners in achieving this dream.  Together with the help of these internal and external partners Also to see that our churches in the Diocese of Eldoret become vibrant in this digital era by sharing as much information as possible in the expansion of reaching out to the unreached with the Gospel that Jesus Christ preached and to fulfill the great commission of our Lord.